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FCC Orders Telcos to Stop Auto Warranty Robocalls

Do Double Stuf Oreos Really Have Twice the Creme Filling?


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Mouse Print* -- HP Sued Over Printers That Won't Scan or Fax When Ink Is Low

mouse print Imagine buying an all-in-one printer/scanner/fax and discovering all of a sudden that you can no longer scan or fax for a reason that has nothing to do with those functions working properly. That's what some HP customers have discovered, and they're not happy about it. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

How Hospital Charges Have Skyrocketed

hospital Buzzfeed examined close to two dozen hospital bills from the past 100 years to see how prices have changed. For example, in 1950, it cost a Texas family $54 to have a baby delivered. Today it would cost $17,738! See 20 more amazing examples.


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Is Your Car on the Most Stolen List?

stolen cars You'd think that an expensive, fancy schmancy new car like a Tesla would be a hot car to steal. Nope. The top two most stolen vehicles for last year were pick-up trucks... and really old ones. See the list of the top 10 hot cars.

Consumer Challenges

How DirecTV Makes Millions While Limiting Your Rights Buried in the Fine Print

Like many companies, DirecTV uses a mandatory arbitration clause in its contracts that prevents consumers from joining together to sue the company when many people are affected by the company's practices. In a long fight, the forced arbitration clause was upheld, and the company raked in over $80-mil in early cancellation penalties.

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Bargain of the Week

4 Free Snack Foods After Rebate

Manufacturers want you to try their products in the hope you'll become a regular customer. Here are four links to various food products free after rebate including a free pint of vegan ice cream. Most rebates require you to use PayPal or Venmo. Use the store locator feature at each site to see if and where the products are available in your area.

  • KPop Foods Sauces
  • Perfect Bar snack bars
  • Moonshot snack crackers

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  • Consumer Reports

    Which Are the Most Reliable Central Air Conditioning Brands?

    Consumer Reports surveyed nearly 24,000 readers to find out how they rated their central air conditioning system. Only one brand got an excellent score for owner satisfaction AND reliability. Care to guess?

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