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Mouse Print* -- The Subway Tuna/No Tuna Saga Continues

mouse print This is now our sixth story about Subway restaurants allegedly selling tuna sandwiches that don't contain all tuna (or any tuna). The company wanted the case dismissed, but a judge last week allowed most of the claims to go forward. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Which Cell Network Has the Best Quality?

smartphone J.D. Power interviewed over 34,000 cell customers asking them about the network quality of their cell provider for calls, texts and data. Verizon came out on top in five out of six regions, and AT&T topped the list in the southwest. T-Mobile typically didn't do particularly well comparatively in most regions.


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Test a Website Address Before You Visit

scam If you have suspicions that a website or link may be a scam or infected with malware, use this tool to test it before you visit. It will run the site against 10 website checkers to gauge its legitimacy.

Consumer Investigation

How Much Can You Save Buying Store Brands?

Jeff Rossen (Hearst TV's consumer reporter) and his producer went grocery shopping with identical lists of what to buy. The only difference was he was going to buy the store brand and she was purchasing the name brand. See how much he saved.

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Bargain of the Week

Free Item Daily at CVS

Until July 23, CVS is running an ExtraCare Extra Thanks Event. Each day, ONLY IN THE CVS APP, you can save a free item to your CVS card. Some of the gifts last week were great: an almost $8 tube of antibiotic salve, a bag of 90 flossing picks, and a $5 bag of any chips. Once you have saved the item, you must get it by the next day. Limited quantity... so don't wait that long.

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Consumer Reports

Should You Buy Your Next Vacation From a Warehouse Club?

Consumer Reports did some price checking of the cost of vacations if purchased from conventional sources versus buying from Sam's Club, BJ's Wholesale Club, or Costco. There are pros and cons, but see some of the price differences.

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