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Mouse Print* -- Is Your Pharmacy Tattling on You to Your Doctor?

mouse print Some big pharmacies are going behind the back of patients to their doctors to squeal on them when they suspect the patient is not taking their pills faithfully. Is this right? That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

Airlines with Greatest Availability of Reward Seats

airfares You collect frequent flier miles for years, and then when you go to cash them in, there are no seats available on the flights you want (or they want to charge you twice the "saver" mile rate). IdeaWorks just came out with its annual test of availability of frequent flier seats, and it found that Southwest and JetBlue were the best two airlines.


The Best Hotel Rates are "Mystery Rates"

hotel According to Consumers' Checkbook, getting a "mystery rate" at a hotel is the best way to save money. These are "white label" offerings, meaning the travel site where you are booking does not tell you the name or address of the hotel until after you have paid for the reservation. (You do get a detailed description, and can pick the number of quality stars and general area of town.) The two primary purveyors of mystery rates are Hotwire's Hot Rates and Priceline's Express Deals. See how much you can save. Here are some additional tips on booking a mystery rate.


Free Services at Auto Parts Stores

car repair Auto parts stores, like Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts, Pep Boys, and others are pretty generous in providing free testing services. When your car engine light goes on, they can connect their handheld computer to the car and decipher the repairs codes, for example. See what free services each major chain offers.

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Bargain of the Week

Extra or Eclipse Gum - "Free"

Until Saturday, May 26, CVS has single packages of Extra and Eclipse gum for 99 cents, but you earn 99 cents in ExtraBucks good toward a purchase of a second package or toward anything else. See page 6 of this week's circular.

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Top Sunscreens

Consumer Reports just finished testing sunscreens, and this story reveals five of their top recommendations.

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