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Mouse Print* -- Judge Dismisses the "No Tuna" in Subway Tuna Sandwiches Case

mouse print In the seemingly never ending saga about whether Subway tuna sandwiches do or do not contain actual tuna, a federal judge last week dismissed the case against Subway. We review the history of the case and explain the judge's reasoning. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Consumer Reports Investigates Dollar Stores

Dollar Consumer Reports discusses the pros and cons of shopping at dollar stores. And to the surprise of the Brooklyn-based author of the story, there were some real deals to be found. Here is the main story, and here is a related sidebar story about their price survey.


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Avoid Costly Medicare Coverage Mistakes

medicare Medicare only covers 80% of medical costs in most cases, so seniors look to Advantage and Supplement plans for more comprehensive coverage. Open enrollment begins on October 15 and the choices are overwhelming. Here are some mistakes to avoid. One big blunder is to assume your old plan is still the best for you or hasn't changed. For example, an Anthem Part D drug only plan in 2021 was $19.60 a month. The new 2022 premium is $72! You must shop and compare every year.

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Remember Coffee in One-Pound Cans?

Maxwell House Coffee 16 oz.

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Bargain of the Week

Free Breakfast for Educators - Oct. 11 - 15

Educators (teachers, adminstrators, and staff) can get a free breakfast meal at participating McDonald's each day from October 11th through 15th. It consists of a breakfast sandwich, hash browns, and a medium coffee.

Colgate Optic White or Total Toothpaste - 2 Free After Coupon

Through October 16, repeat of a sell out! Even if you did this deal two weeks ago, you can do it again! Get two tubes of these and some other varieties of Colgate toothpaste (sizes mostly in the 3-4 oz. range) free after a $7.98 coupon found online at CVS. (Look for items marked "Sale 2 for $7.98.") Add the new coupon to your card electronically, or print it.

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Consumer Reports

Holy Sheets: High Thread Count Not Correlated to Performance

If you think that buying a really high thread count sheet will last longer, feel better, or fit better, think again according to Consumer Reports. Here are general conclusions from their testers. Brand/model ratings are not revealed.

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