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Week of February 26, 2024
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Do You Really Need an Annual Physical?

How the Average Weekly Grocery Bill Varies by State


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Mouse Print*-- Can You Believe Ninja Cookware's Claims?

mouse print Nonstick cookware makers always want to try to make you believe that their nonstick coating is the best. Ninja has made various claims that their brand is fired to 30,000 degrees and has a lifetime warranty. We check these claims to find out the truth. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

States With Highest/Lowest Real Estate Taxes

house Depending where you live, if you own a home, your real estate tax bill could either be a nuisance or a real burden. Surprisingly, in Hawaii, a mid-priced home might cost you $2,000 a year in property taxes. In New Jersey, a $400,000 home would cost you over $9,000 a year in real estate taxes. Yikes! See the list of all states.

This Financial Reporter Put $50,000 Cash in a Shoebox and Gave It to Scammers

scam A money advice columnist for New York Magazine recently published a confession. She was scammed out of $50,000 cash. In that link, she tells her story of being duped. Then New York Times financial columnist Ron Lieber followed-up with Amazon and the FTC, the two entities that were being impersonated in the scam.


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The Cheapest 2024 Electric Cars

car You can't exactly call these electric cars "bargains" given that they start at $27,000. But, if you want to spend less on an electric car, here are eight models according to AAA.

Consumer Alert

Don't Get Sucked Into a Package Delivery Scam

This is a warning to watch out for delivery notices that claim the post office, UPS, or FedEx couldn't deliver a particular package. They'll have you click a link for more information, or call a particular phone number. Don't fall it.

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Bargain of the Week

Leap Year Day Deals

Thursday, February 29th is the day that some restaurants and stores are offering one-day-only deals to celebrate leap day. Here is one list of offers. Google for others.

Free Passport Photos at Staples, Feb. 29 Only

There is a coupon in the Staples app for free passport photos at Staples stores nationwide for rewards members on February 29th only.

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Consumer Reports

Don't Fall for Misleading Food Label Lingo

Consumer Reports cautions that certain terms on food labels can be misused such as "no cholesterol," "made with real fruit," and others. See how some manufacturers use these terms in a misleading way.

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