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Week of December 5, 2022
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Mouse Print* -- Act Mouthwash: Now With Less Fluoride?

mouse print A sharp consumer wrote in last week saying that he thinks Act Total Care anti-cavity mouthwash cut the amount of fluoride in half. We take a swig and sink our teeth into the issue. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

BBB's 12 Scams of Christmas

scam Every year, the Better Business Bureau compiles a "naughty list" of scams to be aware of around the holidays. Here are this year's top 12.

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What B.F./Cyber Monday Deals Did You Snag?

Here's a chance to boast about any great deals you got over the past week. You'll see MrConsumer's unreal TV bargain there too.

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Christmas Decorating on a Budget

bargain Christmas home decorating

Here's how one guy decorated his home with Christmas lights on a shoestring. Straw dummy - $10; leaning ladder - $0 (from the garage); one string of lights - $5! [To avoid calls to your local police department, don't try this at home.] Thanks to the Baker Fraud Report (request free newsletter) for bringing us this bit of holiday humor.

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Buy a New Sam's Club Membership for $50, Get $50 Off Your In-Store Purchase

Until the end of January, new Sam's Club members ("new" is undefined this time) will get an e-coupon for $50 off a $50+ in-warehouse purchase, posted to your account within 72 hours of signing up, good during your first 60 days of membership.

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35 Products on Deep Discount in December

Consumer Reports says that these 35 items are good buys in December.

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