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How Ticketmaster Facilitates and Profits From Scalpers

tickets An undercover investigation by the CBC and the Toronto Star reveals that Ticketmaster not only turns a blind eye to ticket scalpers with multiple accounts, but has a created a secret platform for them to manage their inventory of tickets. And of course, Ticketmaster collects hefty fees in the process.

Fake Apple Products Flood US; Don't Get Taken

Apple Apple products are in such high demand that counterfeiters are having a field day passing off fakes as the real thing. Here are two stories: How fake and potentially dangerous Apple products have infiltrated the US market, and tips on how to spot an Apple counterfeit. [Mute autoplay]



10 Tips for Negotiating a Better Price

haggling MrConsumer's motto is to never pay full price. One way to get a better deal is to haggle. Here are 10 tips for negotiating a lower price on anything.

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Mouse Print* -- Senator Sent "Official Summons" to Potential Donors

mouse print You might expect a scam artist to send a mailing to households in envelopes made to appear to be official government business so recipients would be sure to open them. But who would ever imagine a sitting U.S. senator pulling the same stunt? That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

$1 Big Burgers at Burger King and McDonald's Using Their Apps

The Burger King app now has a coupon for a $1 Whopper, and until the end of September you can get a big sandwich at McDonald's (not the doubles and triples though) for only $1 using their app.

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Guide to Streaming TV Services

If you are considering cutting the cable cord, here is the Consumer Reports guide to the various streaming services and their TV program offerings.

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