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Week of February 27, 2023
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Mouse Print* -- This Turkey Is Bulked-Up With Liquid

mouse print With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, don't be shocked if your packaged corned beef shrinks up to nothing after cooking. It, like turkey breasts (the subject of our story), are allowed to be injected with large amounts of "solution" to keep the food from becoming dry. But, you are paying meat prices for water and gravy. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Your Apple iPhone Passcode Can Be Used to Drain Your Bank Account

Your iPhone's passcode is becoming a favorite target of thieves because it can be used to steal money from your bank account, change your Apple ID, turn off "find my iPhone," and deny you access to all your other Apple devices. [See full print version of this story.] [Alternate link.] Here are detailed suggestions of how to protect your iPhone and steps Apple could take to protect iPhone owners.


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10 Cheapest Cities to Buy a Home

house The spring home buying season is just about a month away. And despite high mortgage interest rates, home prices are still crazy high in many parts of the country. Here, according to Bankrate, are cities that have the lowest priced homes in America.

Almond, Oat, Soy Milk Can Keep "Milk" in Their Name

almond milk Under proposed rules by the FDA, all those "milk" products on dairy shelves like almond milk can keep the word "milk" in their name (to the chagrin of the dairy industry). But, the rules suggest a voluntary disclosure such as "contains less calcium and protein than milk."

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Bargain of the Week

10.2" Apple iPad (9th gen.) - $249.99 at Costco and

At Costco and (and until March 5th, you can get an Apple 10.2" iPad, 9th generation (2021) for $70 off -- only $249.99. Comes with 64-gb of storage space. For comparison, a similar 10th generation model is currently full price at $439.99. Also available at for $249.99.

Free Short Stack of Pancakes at IHOP - Feb. 28

Guests can get a free short stack of buttermilk pancakes at IHOP this Tuesday, February 28th only.

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Safest Cars of 2023

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety just released its annual list of safest cars for 2023. See the safest cars in each category as reported by Consumer Reports.

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