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Week of February 20, 2023
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Mouse Print* -- Are Dispensing Holes in Products Getting Bigger So You Use More?

mouse print Some readers have suggested that the dispensing holes in some products have gotten bigger, making it too easy to use more and thus you have to buy the product more frequently. We compare some new holes to old ones to see if hole size inflation is really happening. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

Look at All the Data Supermarkets Collect About You

shopping cart When you use your loyalty card at your supermarket, or even just walk into a store with your smartphone and the store's app, a lot of data is being collected about you. Some of it includes assumptions made about you based on your purchases. Kroger, which runs supermarkets under about a dozen different names, says it collects over 2,000 variables on its customers. And with the planned takeover by Kroger of Albertsons, they'll be able to add millions more shoppers to their database.


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See the Super Bowl Ads Again

Super Bowl Ads USA Today had a panel of viewers rate all the mostly lackluster Super Bowl commercials last week. Here they are again, ranked from best to worst, for your viewing pleasure.

Consumer Investigation

Diamond Grades Don't Match Sellers' Representations

[Ignore CBC commercials at start.] A Marketplace investigation of mall diamond dealers reveals that the grade of diamonds they sell may not match the actual quality. In two-out-of-three cases, diamonds were worth close to $1,000 less.

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Bargain of the Week

$10 Off $25 Purchase With Amazon Pickup

Select Amazon accounts are eligible to get $10 off a $25+ purchase on items "sold by Amazon" and shipped to a pickup location -- Amazon Hub -- meaning an Amazon Locker or "Counter." Good through June 30, or until 50,000 people use the offer. ++

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Consumer Reports

Top 10 New Cars for 2023

Consumer Reports just released its top 10 cars of the year. Each represents a key vehicle in its price range that shines for a combination of road-test performance, reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety. These models garnered a high-enough overall score to earn a coveted CR recommendation. (Actual numerical ratings shown only for subscribers.)

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