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Week of August 28, 2023
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Mouse Print*-- Amazon Raises Free Shipping Threshold to $35 Depending on Zip Code

mouse print Many non-Prime Amazon shoppers are going to be shocked when they get a shipping charge despite meeting the regular minimum purchase threshold of $25. That's because depending on your zip code, you may now have to make a $35 or more purchase for that benefit. That is our special breaking news Mouse Print* story this week.

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Mouse Print*-- J. Crew Sued Over Data Collection at Register

mouse print Imagine a retail store that refuses to give you a paper sales receipt when you buy something. And if you want a sales slip, it will be sent to you only after you provide your email address or phone. Shoppers in three states thought that was an invasive practice and just sued the retailer. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

2023 Customer Rage Survey Results

mad at phone As product and service problems increase, so does consumer anger. Sixty-three percent of customers experiencing a problem feel rage about the experience. Forty-three percent raised their voice to show displeasure about their most serious problem, up from 35% in 2015. Also, the percentage of customers seeking revenge for their hassles has tripled since 2020. See more about how and where consumers are complaining.


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25 Things You Can Do With Baking Soda Besides Bake

baking soda In addition to making your cakes and pancakes rise, or deodorizing your refrigerator, baking soda has many other novel uses. You can use it as an oven cleaner -- but I don't recommend it. YEARS later, new baking soda residue keeps appearing in my oven. You can use it to scrub the bottom of your pots, reduce odors from your drain, absorb oil stains in your driveway or garage, and many more.

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Don't Fall for a Utility Scam

In a convincing scam, a New York woman lost hundreds of dollars after getting a call from what looked like her local utility (it said so on the caller ID) demanding payment for having switched her service. The lesson continues to be: DO NOT BUY GIFT CARDS if *anyone* calls you demanding payment that way (or via bitcoin or Zelle).

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Bargain of the Week

Frigidaire 6000 BTU Air Conditioner -- $124

DEAL ENDED...Sorry... Now $269!!! While they last, Amazon is offering a small bedroom size Frigidaire 6000 BTU air conditioner more than half off -- only $124. This item has been jumping around in price for the past 10 days and may finally sell out.

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Storm and Emergency Guide

Consumer Reports has compiled a series of articles of what to do to prepare for an emergency. Stories include how to prepare drinking water, medication, power alternatives, and more.

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