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5 Foods Linked to Better Brainpower

T-Mobile to Offer 3-Month Free Trial for eSim-Capable Phones


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Mouse Print* -- Do Verizon and AT&T Only Offer 55+ Discount Cell Plans in Florida?

mouse print T-Mobile is pointing the finger at its competitors asserting that they are shortchanging seniors by not offering a 55+ discounted cell plan nationwide. Are the claims true? That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Your Flight Rights Airline by Airline

Air travel rights With so many airlines canceling or delaying flights this summer, the Federal Department of Transportation has just published a handy chart showing what each airline's policy is in those cases. Will they rebook you on another airline at no extra cost? Will they offer you a meal voucher? What about a free overnight hotel stay and free ground transportation to get you there? You can also read about your refund rights on that site.

Consumer Humor

Look What a Home Inspector Found!

door in wall

A Boston home inspector documents in picture after picture all the strange things he encounters, usually safety issues, when he does his daily work. For example, nothing like placing a door in the middle of wall with a steep drop if you want to get out. Warning: his site is loaded with intrusive advertising.

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Bargain of the Week

Final Summer Clearance

Some stores, particularly drug chains, still have some summer and toy items left and they are being marked down 50-75-90%. Rite Aid says it's at 75%, some people are reporting 75-90% at CVS, and Walgreens is at 70% reportedly. Don't expect to find huge quantities, and summer stuff at Target at this point is already gone.

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Consumer Reports

Is a Plug-in Hybrid Right for You?

As its name suggests, a plug-in electric hybrid car combines a gas engine, an electric motor, and a battery. Unlike a conventional hybrid, its batteries are larger and can be plugged in to add range. Consumer Reports suggests the pros and cons if you are considering buying this type of car.

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