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Mouse Print* -- Here We Downsize Again - Spring 2022, Part 1

mouse print We're in the middle of a tidal wave of shrinkflation where more grocery store products are being downsized. Over the next two weeks we'll show you example after example of products that are shrinking in front of your eyes as a sneaky way for manufacturers to pass on a price increase. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

How to Skip Long TSA Check-in Lines Free

airplane Flying has been anything but pleasant lately particularly because of thousands of cancelled flights. But if long check-in lines at airport security is your problem and you don't want to pay to get on the express line via paid services like TSA PreCheck or Global Entry, there is a new free service you can try. It is called Whyline and it is available at over half a dozen airports so far.


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20 Cars That Last 200,000+ Miles

cars Recently we provided a video from Consumer Reports spotlighting five cars that can last 200,000 or more mile. Now the auto enthusiast site, HotCars, has a list of 20 vehicles that can really go the distance.

Tricks of the Trade

How They Make Food in Advertising Look Better Than It Really Is

Recently a number of fast food restaurants have been sued because the food that is actually served looks nothing like the quantity and quality they represent it as in advertising. Now a food stylist shares the tricks that photographers use to make the food look so good.

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Bargain of the Week

BJ's Wholesale Club Membership -- $25/yr + Get $60 Back

New members of BJ's Wholesale Club are being offered a great deal. Buy a one year membership for only $25 (reg. $55) and then each month for the first six months, get a $10 credit on your account. You must spend that $10 with 30 days of each credit being added to your account. Details are here. Offer ends July 10 and not all locations are participating.

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10 Best Cars for Highway Fuel Economy

Consumer Reports says that these cars get the most miles per gallon on the highway. (Actual ratings and statistics not shown to nonsubscribers.) Most cars on the list are hybrids.

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