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Week of February 5, 2024
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These Are the 8 Official "Free File" Tax Providers

15 Most Expensive Neighborhoods Per Sq. Foot


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Mouse Print*-- Does Metro's $20/mo Home Internet Really Have No Catches?

mouse print If you listen to Metro by T-Mobile's latest advertising campaign, you can get home internet for only $20 a month and there's no catch. If you believe that, I've got this bridge in Brooklyn... That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

That $3,000 Sofa May Be Trash in Three Years!

sofa The Wall Street Journal says that quality furniture is getting harder and harder to find. And even if you spend a lot of money, like $3,000 on a couch, it may be ready for the trash heap in just a few years.

If Inflation Is Down, Why Are Grocery Prices Still So High?

groceries Grocery prices still seem like they are at record highs, but we keep hearing that inflation is receding. Some say it is "greedflation" - that some stores and manufacturers are taking advantage and raising prices even when their costs haven't really gone up. This Washington Post story tries to shed light on the issue, but there really seems to be no magic-wand remedy.


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How to Report Text Spam

iPhone Instead of just ignoring or deleting junk texts that you receive on your phone, you can report it as spam to your carrier by copying or forwarding it to SPAM (7726). Press and hold the spam message to start the forwarding process, but then follow these directions to report it.

Consumer Insight

Which Glass Cleaners Work Best?

[Ignore TV station ad at start.] Consumer Reports tested a few glass cleaners to see which worked best. They singled out two brands and Windex was not one of them!

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Bargain of the Week

Select AMEX Customers Get Up to 50% off at Amazon

Some American Express cardholders are being offered between 10% and 50% off at if you use at least one membership reward point toward your purchase. Offers vary by cardholder. MrConsumer got 30% off for a maximum of a $30 discount. See if you are eligible here. More details of the offer are here. Must make purchase(s) by June 30th or before the offer is exhausted.

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Consumer Reports

Pros and Cons of All-In-One Washer/Dryers

They have been popular for years in Europe, but all-in-one washer/dryers [not referring to those tall ones] have not taken off yet in the United States. Some early models were really pretty bad. See what Consumer Reports now says about them since some new models have just been introduced. The advice probably still is the same. (Ratings are NOT free.)

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