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Mouse Print* -- Are Stihl's Tools All "Made in America?"

mouse print Many companies tout that their products are "Made in the USA" and that can be a big selling point for many consumers. But can you always believe that big bold claim? One company's disclaimer may answer that question. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

25 Things That Frugal People Do

piggybank It is no secret that MrConsumer likes to stretch a buck and many of you do too. How many of these frugal habits are part of your everyday life? (Ones like eating at home mostly, fixing things on your own if you can, not being brand loyal, buying in bulk when the price is great, etc.?) With inflation at a 40-year high, we all could use a little extra help stretching a buck.

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States With the Highest/Lowest Car Insurance Rates

car Many factors go into what you pay for car insurance. But, just living in certain states gives you a big advantage (or disadvantage) in determining your rate. The most expensive and least expensive states for car insurance may surprise you. Here is a comprehensive report on car insurance trends, prices, and how rates are determined. And, in a recent survey, it was revealed that most people don't understand what their car insurance policy covers.

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Former Telemarketing Scammer Now Chases Bad Guys and Warns Victims

How's this for a twist? An ex-scammer has turned the tables on telemarketing crooks by tapping into their computers to see who they are conning. He then calls the victims to stop them from sending money.

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Bargain of the Week

Kids Bowl Free This Summer

At participating bowling alleys across the country, kids can bowl two games for free every day during the summer. Dates, hours, and terms vary by location. Shoe rentals may or may not be included. Register now before all the slots are filled up.

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Best Dishwasher Detergents

Consumer Reports describes seven of the top dishwasher detergents in their tests and says that some store brands do really well at a much lower cost. In fact, the Sam's Club brand, Member's Mark, topped the list this time.

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