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Here We Go Again: Your Over-the-Air TV May Become Obsolete

Over-the-Air TV antenna It wasn't that long ago that we had to throw out our old tube TV sets or get a box to convert the new digital over-the-air TV signals. Newer TVs then had built-in converters so all we had to attach was a digital TV antenna or old-fashioned rabbit ears if we didn't have cable. Now, in order to broadcast the latest 4k HDR content, some TV stations will adopt a new transmission protocol called ATSC 3.0 [beware obnoxious autoplay video]. Of course, old TVs can't receive it. So stations that switch over will also have to send the old signals (ATSC 1.0) for five years. After that, your TV will no longer work for those updated stations without an adapter box and antenna (for non-cable customers). Grrrr.

Best/Worst States for Retirement

hammock Bankrate is out with its latest state guide to retirement which names -- drum roll -- Nebraska as the best state to retire in. Their retirement index factors in affordability, crime, culture, weather and wellness. There is also an interactive slider so you can put more or less weight on the different factors.


2% Cashback Credit Card with Full Benefits

A few weeks ago we told you that the popular Citi Double Cash (2% cash back) credit card was dropping virtually all its benefits like extended warranty, price protection, return protection, CDW, etc. After an exhaustive search, MrConsumer finally found his replacement card with virtually all the same benefits and 2% back on all purchases: the PayPal Cashback Mastercard. NOTE: Many online comments say customer service is terrible for this card.


Welcome to Scam Academy

scammer Scam Academy is not a school for crooks, but rather is a series of stories about cheating in school. You'll see how one guy writes papers and even dissertations for PHD students. Engineering students created a pen that could send Morse code with test answers. There is no end to clever ideas that cheaters employ.

Consumer World Original

Mouse Print* -- Klutzes Have Two Left Feet, So What Is Kmart Insinuating?

mouse print It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to fill orders at, but apparently their current system has order pickers who don't know left from right, and they are not too good with numbers either. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Amazon Prime Day Tips

Amazon's big Prime Day sale is Monday and Tuesday this week. If you're a Prime member and shop at Whole Foods and spend $10 by Tuesday, you'll get a $10 credit to shop at Amazon for this sale. Here are some more tips from MrConsumer:

If screen is blank, view video here [autoplay].

Check Monday and Tuesday for many discounted items.

Free Cosmo, Men's Health, and Family Circle Subscriptions

While they last, you can get a free one year subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine and/or Men's Health by filling out separate forms. And here is a two-year subscription form for Family Circle. No credit card required.

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Consumer Reports

Dental Insurance May Be a Costly Choice

Consumer Reports says to think twice before buying private dental insurance not offered through your place of employment. Coverage limits are low and prices for premiums can be high. The magazine offers tips on how to save on dental care costs. And this advice from MrConsumer: some cheap insurance plans that only cover preventative care (two annual visits for cleaning, exams, and x-rays) can be great bargains -- less than the cost of those services if you paid out-of-pocket.

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