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Best Markets for Home Buyers; Best Ones for Sellers

house The spring home buying season is in full swing with the normal opposing goals of buyers and sellers. Buyers want the lowest price possible and sellers want top dollar for their homes. Market conditions in some metropolitan areas favor one group over the other. According to Zillow, here are the best markets for buyers around the U.S., and the best ones if you're a seller.

1000s of Fake Reviews Found on Amazon in Popular Tech Categories

Amazon The UK consumer organization, Which?, just completed an investigation of consumer reviews on Amazon. They discovered that some of the top-rated electronic products are from brands you never heard of like Ktaoism, Cqueang, and Qianfuyin. How could this be? The glowing reviews for unfamiliar products may be the telltale sign that many of them are fake.



Walmart Unveils Its Store of the Future; Sears Closes Theirs

Walmart A Walmart Neighborhood Market in Levittown, New York is a technological marvel using artificial intelligence, hundreds of cameras and sensors, and more to create a better experience for shoppers (and a lot more data for the company). These devices can sense out of stock items, product freshness, cleanliness issues, and more. That is Walmart's store of the future. At the same time that this innovative store is being unveiled at Walmart, Sears is closing its store of the future that just opened six months ago.

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Mouse Print* -- Act Fluoride: Alcohol-Free?

mouse print One of our readers spotted what looked like a misrepresentation on bottles of Act Fluoride which claimed to be alcohol-free. We checked the fine print and took out our high school chemistry book to find out. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Free Women's Magazine Subscriptions

For a limited time, Mercury Magazines is giving away free one-year subscriptions to Women' Health magazine and to Women's Day and also to Elle and to Cosmopolitan magazine. Limit 3.

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Online Grocery Delivery Services Rated

Consumer Reports just tested online grocery delivery services for speed, food freshness, and cost. Topping the list is Target's (expensive) Shipt service. See how the others ranked.

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