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Are You Owed "Missing Money?"

money Sometimes money slips through the cracks. You might have forgotten about an old bank account, or a dividend check was never cashed. That money gets turned over to your state treasurer's abandoned property department. Here are five websites to check to see if you are owed money.

30 Clever Uses for Vaseline

Vaseline There are some unexpected uses for Vaseline petroleum jelly like greasing a bird feeder post to keep squirrels from climbing up. Or like getting out a water ring from a wood table. Or preventing rust on metal surfaces. Here are more uses.



How to Fight Autoplay Videos

pulling hair out Some sites, like c|net can drive you crazy when they automatically play a loud video commercial. Here are some tricks from the New York Times on how to stiffle the unwanted interruption.

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Mouse Print* -- Lowe's Corrects Goof in Labor Day Dishwasher Promotion

mouse print Lowe's advertised what seemed like a too good to be true offer for Labor Day on Bosch dishwashers. The devil was in the fine print, until we pointed it out. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

#1 Top-Rated Bosch Dishwasher with "Free" Installation - $449

Lowe's is advertising free installation (via rebate) for almost all Bosch dishwashers -- about a $239 value (depending on where you live). The least expensive model, SHE3AR72UC, is $449 there -- a modest $50 off the regular price. It is about the same price everywhere else for Labor Day (including Home Depot and Sears ) but without free installation. {See the Mouse Print* story for the other mandatory charges that getting "free" installation at Lowe's will trigger.) The model linked above is the top-rated dishwasher currently by Consumer Reports (along with a sister Bosch model). [Actual ratings only shown to subscribers, but it is 88 out of 100.] Customer reviews are sensational for this model on most sites, except at Consumer Reports itself (see them here). Lastly, two points about Bosch dishwashers: (1) They do NOT have an automatic self-cleaning filter for food particles. You have to manually remove, empty, and rinse it out regularly. (2) They generally do not have a heated dry cycle.

People Magazine - 1 Year - Free

No strings attached (other than you will get advertising from affiliates of the seller)! No credit card needed. Get a free one year subscription (about 52 issues) to People magazine. Offer may be withdrawn at any time.

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Which Trail Mixes are Better for You?

A trail mix sounds like a healthy snack, but it really depends on what the mix is composed of. Consumer Reports separates the candy-like choices from the healthier ones. They include a couple of do-it-yourself recipes too.

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