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Top Mattress Brands Customer Satisfaction Ratings

mattress J.D. Power just questioned nearly 1,000 mattress buyers about the comfort, price, support, durability, warranty, features, and customer service of their recent bed purchase. The top-rated brand was, surprise, Sleep Number. See how the other major brands ranked.

How One Couple Grossly Mismanages Money

empty pockets MrConsumer learned to save money from an early age. But a significant number of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck. Here is one couple's story demonstrating that despite having $160,000 in salaried income, their poor money decision-making, purchasing choices, and reliance on debt has them owing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Add your comments or read others' here.

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give support For 23 years, Consumer World has served readers with the latest consumer news, money-saving tips, and independent investigations. But we no longer receive financial support from a corporate sponsor. So reluctantly, MrConsumer turns to you and humbly asks for your help to keep this site and Mouse Print* available as free consumer resources.



The Single Best Day of the Year to Buy Airline Tickets

airplane Any number of consumer stories theorize about the best day of the week to buy airfares. Usually, the answer is Tuesday. Now comes an airfare tracking app called Hopper which proclaims that this Tuesday, Nov. 27 (right after CyberMonday), is the single best airfare shopping day of the year.

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Mouse Print* -- Your Frozen Turkey Was Probably 10% Water

mouse print Your Thanksgiving turkey, if it was the frozen type, probably was plumped up by almost 10% water. We check the labels and explain why the water injections were so noticeable this year. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Best Blenders Under $100

Do you need a new blender or are you shopping for one as a gift? Consumer Reports recommends these five models and they are all under $100.

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