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China Rx: Most Drugs Now Come From China Posing Health Risk

generic drugs Today, 80% of the active ingredients in prescription drugs come from China and India. And they are made in factories that often are not inspected by the FDA or that fall short of U.S. safety standards. This poses health risks for all of us. The problem is documented in the new book, China Rx. Preview the first two chapters here.

Most Popular Vitamins and Minerals Provide No Heart Benefit

pills A review of existing data and studies found that multivitamins, vitamin D, calcium and vitamin C -- the most common supplements -- showed no advantage (but also no added risk) in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke or premature death. But, the study found folic acid alone and B-vitamins with folic acid may reduce heart disease and stroke. A new unrelated Harvard study, however, concludes that cutting out meat from one's diet could cut early deaths by one-third.



Find Out the Previously Secret Ingredients of Products

Tide While food manufacturers have been required to list their ingredients right on the product label, household products makers did not. P&G just announced it was going to spill the beans on most of its 3,500 products. You can see them and thousands of other products on the SmartLabel website.

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Mouse Print* -- Citi Cuts Back on Credit Card Benefits

mouse print Last week we reported that the price guarantee benefit on certain credit cards was being eliminated or modified. Now Citi has announced cutbacks on other benefits too. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Costco Membership Discounted, Plus Freebies

If you have not been a member of Costco since February 1, you can get a new membership via Groupon for $60 (the regular price), BUT you get a $20 Costco Cash Card (in essence discounting your membership by one-third), and $65 of coupons for 72 alkaline batteries, a 4-pack of disinfecting wipes, $10 off fresh meat, and $25 off a $250 purchase. Once on the Groupon site, just search for Costco. ++

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Most/Least Reliable Brands of Central Air Conditioning Systems

Consumer Reports surveyed almost 15,000 members to find out their repair experience after five years with their central a/c systems. The brands with the fewest repairs were American Standard, Trane, and Bryant. Those with the greatest repair frequency were York (worst), followed by Rheem and Goodman. Full results only viewable by subscribers. Here is a general buying guide for central a/c systems.

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