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50 Things You Probably Shouldn't Pay For

dollar stretcher Consumers Checkbook says there are many things we pay for that we could actually do ourselves, or even do without. Here is their list of 50 often needless expenditures.

AMEX Improving Extended Warranty Benefit

Starting August 1, American Express is improving two of its credit card benefits when you buy items. Most importantly, it will add two years to any manufacturer warranty that is between two and five years. It will double warranties under two years. While not as good as Citi's policy which now adds two years to any warranty (including 90 day ones), it still is an improvement.



Meet the World's Greatest Scammer

Maria Duval Over decades, psychic Maria Duval (or those acting under her name) stole over $200 million from Americans and Canadians, scamming 60 times the number of people that Bernie Madoff did. In this in-depth CNN investigation and new book, reporters track her down in France, and get a number of surprises.

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Mouse Print* -- The Doctor??? Will See You Now

mouse print If you go to an urgent care center instead of a hospital emergency room, do you know the type of medical professional who will treat you? One such urgent care chain advertises that you can just walk in and see a doctor without an appointment. One of our readers questioned that, so we did a little checking. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

P.F. Chang's: Buy One Entree, Get One Free

Until August 5th, you can get a free entree at P.F. Chang's when you buy one entree.

Up to 20% Back in Points With Sears MasterCard

Until August 8th, get back a huge percentage of your purchase when you use your Sears MasterCard. For gas purchases, you get 20% back in Shop Your Way points. Grocery store purchases get you 13% back, and restaurant purchases are 10% back. This is far more generous than any other credit card rebate offer on everyday purchases. Shop Your Way points are good at Sears and Kmart. You must have a SYW account already associated with your Sears MasterCard to get points credited.

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What to Do When Your Windows Computer Slows Down

It is so frustrating. After a few years, your once speedy Windows computer begins to crawl. Here are some tips from Consumer Reports on how to diagnose the problem and hopefully fix it.

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