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2017 Return Policies: Some Stores Naughty, Most Nice

return policy A few retailers this past year have tightened their return policies cutting back on the number of days you have to return merchandise or by adding restocking fees. Here are more findings in Consumer World's 14th annual survey of retailers' return policies.

Apple Admits to Deliberately Slowing Older iPhones

iPhone It's not your imagination. You old iPhone does slow down with age. Deliberately! Apple has admitted that it actually slows down older iPhones as a means of dealing with the aging of the lithium battery that it contains.


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Last Minute Tax-Saving Moves

taxes With new rules for income taxes coming in 2018, here are some last minute strategies you can employ in 2017 to save some money. Obviously, check with your tax professional first.

  • Advice from the LA Times
  • Advice from Susan Tompor, Financial Columnist

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    Mouse Print* -- A Sweet Ending to a Nutty Story

    mouse print A couple of weeks ago we reported on a trail mix product that sneakily reduced the amount of almonds in the product and replaced them with cheaper peanuts. A large retailer took thousands of bags of the stuff off their shelves immediately and in the holiday spirit, did good with the mislabeled bags. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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    Bargain of the Week

    Target's Annual Christmas Clearance

    MrConsumer's favorite sale of the year is coming. Every year, Target reduces its non-food holiday merchandise right after Christmas by 50%, then 70%, and finally 90%. Food and candy gets reduced 30%/50%/70%. On or around January first (at least in 2017) is when the final markdown to 90% occurred in many Target stores. So be prepared to jump when the final discount happens -- it only lasts about two days.

    Memory Foam Gel Pillow - Free a/r

    OFFER EXPIRED: Tuesday thru Thursday only (while supplies last -- this will sell out), Macy's has a standard size (also known as "queen" size) SensorGel brand cluster pillow with gel-infused memory foam for $20, but there is a $20 mail-in rebate (limit 1, good ONLY 12/26-28). Pick up in store to save shipping. "Cluster" means it is made up of small pieces of loose foam, like MyPillow.

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    10 Most Satisfying Cars

    If you love to drive, then this list is for you. Consumer Reports surveyed readers to find out which cars that gave them the most joy and satisfaction.

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