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2018 Return Policies: Some Innovative, Some Naughty, Most Nice

return policy A couple of retailers this year have added novel features to their return policies, while a few others have tweaked their return deadlines. Here are all the findings in Consumer World's 15th annual survey of retailers' return policies.

Is Eating Deli Meat Really Bad for You?

deli meat Eating processed meat can increase one's risk of developing colorectal cancer. A cancer researcher says even a single slice of ham on a sandwich adds to your risk. Yikes! But reading labels to figure out which deli products are better to eat can be confusing.

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give support For 23 years, Consumer World has served readers with the latest consumer news, money-saving tips, and independent investigations. But we no longer receive financial support from a corporate sponsor. So reluctantly, MrConsumer turns to you and humbly asks for your help to keep this site and Mouse Print* available as free consumer resources.



Companies With the Best Customer Service

customer service How helpful are the companies you deal with? A new survey of 20,000 consumers reveals the top companies for customer service in nearly 150 categories. From retailers to banks, from grocers to airlines, from insurers to dating sites, Newsweek has the top three rankings in each category.

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Mouse Print* -- Here We Downsize Again

mouse print We end the year with a new round of products where the manufacturer has sneakily removed some of the product's contents hoping you would not notice. Our readers noticed, and so did we. That is our Mouse Print* story this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Get Free Bonus Gift Cards When Buying Regular Gift Cards

To encourage people to buy restaurant and other types of gift cards, a number of sellers have been adding a bonus card, such as a $10 card free when you buy $50 in gift cards. Here are some of the soon-to-expire offers.

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Do You Really Need That Extended Warranty?

The advice on this subject hasn't changed in years: for most items, buying an extended warranty is a waste of money. However, for some items like cellphones that are prone to damage, it may be worth the money. And remember, most credit cards double the manufacturer's warranty up to an extra year automatically.

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